(NWCCHT) is a regional initiative with the express goals of strengthening, supporting, and protecting our heritage assets while integrating significant and visitor-ready heritage sites and advancing cultural heritage tourism for regional economic development. The initiative evolved over four years, beginning in 2005 with two overarching themes prevailing: equity to ensure that all community areas benefit from this effort and the sense of unique places prevails in each area—creating a mosaic of the stories of places, people and power. Funded by a grant in 2009 from the Colorado Tourism Office, regional partners from Jackson, Moffat, Rio Blanco and Routt counties met to map and share cultural heritage resources within their region.

Strategic goals of the Initiative are:

  • Assessing Potential  Evaluating what attractions, visitor services, organizational capabilities, ability to protect resources and marketing existed in communities
  • Planning and Organizing  Making good use of human and financial resources. Setting priorities and measurable goals
  • Preparing for visitors  Protecting and managing cultural, historic and natural resources; looking to the future as well as the present to be sure the choices improve communities for the long and short term
  • Marketing for success  Developing a multi-year, many tiered promotional plan targeting the cultural heritage traveler, and establishing partners in local, regional, state and national groups

As the original CTO grant materials were being completed, staff and the NWCCHT consultant were approached by representatives from Glenwood Chamber of Commerce, Garfield County and the Colorado Tourism office to consider integrating Garfield County into the regional project. The Glenwood Chamber representative had been considering a Heritage Travel Program and the model and materials from the NWCCHT fit their vision. After some deliberation, representatives of the NWCCHT met with Garfield county Commissioners and agreed to integrate the assets and stories of the six communities of Garfield County into the NWCCHT program. The commissioners committed $12,500 to the program and issued a challenge to the communities and organizations from Garfield County that would participate in the program to raise an additional $12,500 to the program. The main expected outcome for the use of these funds was a new regional brochure that integrated the themes, stories and assets of Garfield County. The new regional brochure project is underway and is expected to be complete in the summer of 2011. The Garfield community representatives continue to work on raising the matching $12,500. 

*Please note that NWCCHP is a current organization, but is no longer part of the CAA. More information can be found here: http://www.nwcoloradoheritagetravel.org/

Northwest Colorado Cultural Heritage Program