2018 Board of Advisors

Michele Meyer, Executive Director 

Marsha Daughenbaugh, Former Executive Director

be a part of the Community Agriculture Alliance. I truly believe in the organizations mission of preserving, promoting and supporting agriculture.  One of the main reasons we moved here, and I think a very common one, is the western culture and heritage.  The natural beauty of the area and working landscapes are critical to keeping the Yampa Valley so unique and special.  I am honored to work on their behalf."

Shine Atha

Jody Camilletti

Jia Carroll

Becky Damon

Mark Goldman

Christina Gumbiner

Cari Hermacinski

Jeannie Maneotis

Ren Martyn

Kris Middledorf

Erika Murphy

Whitney Neelis

Raylene Olinger

Kelly Romero-Heaney
Erik Taylor

​Rich Tremaine

Heather Mantzke, Program Coordinator

Marsha retired March 2018 after 15 years of leadership and commitment to local agriculture.  

Patrick is a fourth-generation rancher on a local Yampa Valley ranch that has been in the family for more than 100 years.     After a 20-year hiatus from the valley getting his Engineering degree and working in the cooperation world, Patrick moved back to the valley in 2013 to help with the family ranch.   Staring work for the CAA in 2018 Patrick is exited to promote Agriculture in the Yampa Valley.  As the Agriculture Resource Coordinator, Patrick will continue the water education, land stewardship classes, and supporting the Agriculture community in the Yampa Valley.  

2018 Board of Directors

Tiffany Carlson, Program Coordinator


Ryan Wattles, Co-Chair

Lore Marvin, Co-Chair

Bill Badaracca, Treasurer

Kent Sandstedt, Secretary

Greg Brown

Adele Carlson
Patrick Chrisman
Donna Mae Hoots

Jenna Keller

Joella West

Shiloh Whaley

Since her arrival to the Yampa Valley in 2013, Tiffany has been eager to further her involvement with agriculture. She brings knowledge from her work with the U.S. Forest Service, as well as horticulture experience from her time with a local farm-to-table program. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys helping her family with their grass fed cattle operation. Tiffany comments " I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the CAA, and honored to aid in the preservation and conservation of our precious agricultural  resources for our future generations!"

Heather is a serious local food lover and hopes to engage others in the movement through CAA’s mission.  Native to Wisconsin, she has no shortage of enthusiasm for supporting local farmers.  She is excited to bring her experience in farming and working with the CSA FairShare Coalition in Madison, WI to Steamboat Springs.  

Patrick Stanko, Ag Resource Coordinator

Michele has worked at CAA since 2010 and assumed the Executive Director role in 2018.  She brings over 15 years of professional fund raising and marketing experience to the CAA. Michele previously worked for United Way, Hospice of Larimer County and has her own business as a personal trainer/yoga and spinning instructor.  With a diverse background, Michele comments, "I am thrilled to